The sky is pretending that nothing happened last night. It’s clear and blue and bright, with nary a breeze.

The slightest, crisp dew mist twinkles where the sun meets any surface.

Warm relief washed over me after midnight last night. No one was hurt.

I’d been living on the qui vive.

Those are roots, not branches, peering over the back fence.

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I first began to worry the big tree would fall and crush my family to death in our sleep when we learned that its twin had become sick and almost killed our elderly neighbor when it plunged itself through her roof and into the bedroom next to her.

The tree owners refused to remove the twin. It was sick too. But, it lingered, for more than a dozen years.

And now it lies caught in the other trees, just a few feet above an 8-year-old’s bedroom.

My son’s bed is in the corner furthest from the window and that corner of the house, and we sometimes sleep downstairs or on the floors next to the beds on windy nights, because that tree has been looming.

Taller trees are more susceptible to windthrow. We have winds now that we never used to have.

Is a tree without a forest doomed to fall?

nerd with an MLIS

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