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The Writing Prompt That Helps Me Write Daily

I’ve been journaling in fits and starts since I was at least six years old. I can go years without a single entry, and then I have months where I need to journal at least daily, sometimes several times in a day. I have some great long-form stories to tell, but most of the time they are trapped in a dreamlike state somewhere in my consciousness, and unable to self-arrange on a page, so they never make it into a cohesive, readable piece. Sometimes I think I could get these ideas out if I had the right guidelines to follow, the right inspiration, or the right prompt. I write outlines, and I’m a “pantser.” I have no proven, tried-and-true, single method. I love to edit, and I love to write nonsensical garbage from grammar hell. I enjoy producing and directing. I wouldn’t mind feeling a little more fit when it comes to conditioning the writing muscle, though.

“Today I noticed.”

And, sometimes, the counterpoint shows up for me, and I think about,

“Today I failed to notice.”

This prompt and it’s other side of the coin always manages the big feelings days when I need to journal, but they also provide on days when I’m not sure I can arrange the words and make with the story.

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nerd with an MLIS

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