Friday, December 39th in America.

Donald JimCrow Joker Trump must be removed from office immediately!

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My body hurt and I had to lie down for three hours today. This post is free-range journaling.

🎵 There is a Rotting Pumpkin in My White House 🎵

We gave it notice in November, it needs to go.
I’m worried that even if they come for it, its seeds have been sown.
I know I’m not supposed to wish you dead, Dumpster Pumpkin.
So I will wish that you may know peace instead.
Peace can mean silence, yes let’s start with that.
I’d like you to…
Eat shit, Dumpster Pumpkin.
Be gone with you! You rotten, barely sentient fetid squash pile.
We bid you farewell in November, but you will stink up the joint well into January?
You, hanging on, like a turd with arms, clutching the rim
of your swiftly flushing terlet.
Will next week bring more baby monsters of the Q Cucks Klan,
Vanilla ISIS, Yee Hawdists, and Branch Dildonians?
There is a fetid, pustulent, self-composting pumpkin stinking up my White House.
Where are you when I need you, Four Seasons Total Landscaping?

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Dumpster Pumpkin Was Finally Silenced by Twitter, just five long years too late.
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She won the popular vote in 2016. She would have coordinated the response to COVID, and thousands of people would still be alive today. Abolish the electoral college, lawfully.

Written by

nerd with an MLIS

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